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One-On-One Sessions

1-hour Human Design reading €187 ✨

This session is for you if you’re super curious about Human Design… and a little overwhelmed. You just want to know how to use your design in the most effective way for your life and business. I’ll show you exactly what the important areas are for you to focus on for maximum impact. Get ready!

With everything I do, I infuse so much love and attention into each and every session. And by using my intuition and connection to Universal Intelligence, I’m able to get to the core of what is essential for you to understand at that moment.


1-hour Energy Healing session €187 👸🏼

Are you coming up against the same ol’ issue again in your business? This 1-hour session is meant for us to dive deep into one issue, find the root, and transform so that you can put out that fire once and for all.

I use Energy Healing to tap into your subconscious mind. I alter my brainwaves and bring you into a Theta brainwave state with me. By asking questions while you’re in this state we’ll find the root issue and transform it on the spot.

All of my sessions are infused with love, and the guidance I receive during our time together is always spot-on. It can be that seemingly unrelated issues come up to be transformed, just know that everything happens exactly as is needed at the moment.


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